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9 Questions to Ask a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

foreclosure defense attorney questions
Looking for a foreclosure defense attorney is a process not to be taken lightly. Just as if you were shopping for a car there are questions to ask before hiring a foreclosure defense attorney.

1. How long have you been practicing foreclosure law?
The attorney should have enough experience in the field to have a proven track record of handling many different types of cases. The amount of time can vary, but the number and type of cases the attorney has handled is important.

2. Will I be in contact with you or someone else in your office during my case?
A law firm should always have the attorney or a paralegal available to answer any questions or address any concerns. You should also be working with various support staff from the firm to collect documents and fill out paperwork.

At Krasker Law we have a team of paralegals, legal assistants, and loss mitigation specialists that will constantly keep you posted on your case. We will call/email (depending on your preferred method of contact) every time there is an update in your case.

3. Have you dealt with my bank(s) in previous cases?
Experienced attorneys have dealt with most, if not all, of the banks involved in mortgage debt solutions. The attorney should be able to provide you with examples of cases in which he or she has worked with your particular bank in the past.

4. Are you a member in good standing with the bar association?
A legitimate attorney will be in good standing with the bar association and be able to direct you to the proper resources in order to check the attorney’s standing with the bar. Below is the link for the current standing of our very own Paul Krasker
Florida Bar Standing

5. How do you structure payments?
Different firms have slightly different payment structures. Some will have a fixed fee retainer, and others bill hourly. However, it is a red flag if an attorney cannot go into details on how often your payments will be processed.

If an attorney is asking for a large fee up front then it is advised to seek a different attorney.

6. What kind of results can I expect to see?
Results among clients will vary widely based on a person’s specific situation. NO SITUATION HAS A GUARANTEED POSITIVE OUTCOME. If an attorney guarantees a specific outcome, this is a huge red flag. It’s great if an attorney takes this question and provides past results of similar cases while explaining your case may not produce the same results if any at all.

7. Can you provide me with a number of past clients who are willing to share their experiences?
Most attorney will encourage you to speak with previous clients of theirs to use as a reference if you so wish. It is recommended to ask for a minimum of three previous clients to ask.

8. As my case progresses, what kind of communication can I expect?
The firm should be providing you with regular feedback as well as returning any phone calls you make. Additionally it is important to know that a good attorney will share information about setbacks with you in addition to positive outcomes.

9. Is the first consultation free?
This question can help you determine if the attorney is in it for the client or for the money. You should never have to pay for a consultation. The initial consultation is where the attorney gets to know your full financial situation to determine the best strategy possible to help you fight for your home.

There are plenty of law firms that offer free consultations including Krasker Law. Contact us today if you would like more information on our free consultations.

krasker law free consultation

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